WomenForWomen Fund DONATE TO PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT Crowdfunding financial capital from Nigerian Women home and abroad,
to support women running for elective office ahead of the
2023 Nigerian general elections
The WomenForWomen Fund matters, it matters because Nigeria
deserves a new generation of competent leaders, including women
with progressive agendas that will prioritize the well-being of all citizens.

Women constitute half of the population in Nigeria yet grossly underrepresented across key appointive and elective offices. The implication of this has presented dire challenges including socio-economic retrogression triggered by the absence of human centred approach to decision making.
The fundamental question now remains; do we wait for the world to be equal before we start feeling seen, heard, and respected?
We say NO!

The WomenForWomen Fund, a sub-fund under ElectHER’s Agender35 campaign is a crowdfunding initiative led by a collective of three leading women’s organizations – ElectHER, African Women on Board, and AGS Tribe, with a goal to raise $1 million from Nigerian women home and abroad, for fellow women running for elective office ahead of the 2023 Nigerian election.

Dear woman, support the push for increased women’s leadership ahead of 2023 general elections by pledging your support through a donation.

So you've donated... WHAT NEXT?

After you've donated, please click to download a commitment pledge which can be shared across your social media platforms. Amplify the message, challenge your friends to support the cause.
Support a woman UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!!

For increased accountability and public trust, weekly updates on funds raised, will be shared publicly on the WomenForWomen webpage and across ElectHER Social pages and/or sister partner pages.

Funds raised will contribute to ElectHER’s Agender35 $10 million fund which will be used to widely empower 1000 women to DecideToRun, and directly fund 35 women to run for key positions across parliament and executive offices in the 2023 general elections. Funds will go towards purchasing Expression of Interest and nomination forms, campaign administration and logistics, communications and personal branding and other crucial campaign expenses.
With financial capital raised, competent women will have better negotiating power at the party level, and not be denied the opportunity of running competitive campaigns due to the lack of financial capital and a supportive network.

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