We simply cannot afford to wait for the world to be equal
to start feeling seen , heard and respected

According to the Interparliamentary Union, Nigeria currently ranks 183 out of 193 on women’s representation across parliament at a dismal 4.1%. The 2019 general elections produced only 8 female senators out of 109, and 11 female House of Representatives out of 360. The regressive trend in women’s political leadership in Nigeria presents dire consequences to policy design, implementation and outcomes which invariably affects the overall health of the economy. ElectHER recognizes the need for an end-to-end eco system that will support female candidates to competitively decide, run and win elections. We simply cannot afford to wait for the world to be equal to start feeling seen!

Agender35 is a non-partisan comprehensive campaign by ElectHER with an ultimate goal to de-risk the process of running for elective office and provide critical social, human and financial infrastructure that will ensure a critical shift in women’s political leadership in Nigeria by 2023.

Our 3-point agenda

Financial capacity

Raise $10 million to empower 1000 women to DecideToRun, and DIRECTLY fund 35 WOMEN to run for elective office by 2023.

Policy advocacy

Advocate for 35% women’s representation quota in elective and appointive office

Citizen engagement

Engage citizens to ElectHER ahead of 2023

Agender35 Introduction

How to get involved


Donate to the WomenForWomenFund;
Donate to Agender35 Fund


Demand for more progressive legislation;
Sign our petition


Be intentional;
Take the pledge #IpledgetoElectHER


Spread the word! Repost, retweet, or promote the Gender Agenda to your community via social media

It takes a village, get on the
new Agender, reach out now

Are you an organization interested in partnering or supporting Agender35?
Get in touch via partnerships@elect-her.org
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