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Agender35 is a non-partisan comprehensive campaign by ElectHER with an ultimate goal to de-risk the process of running for elective office and provide critical social, human and financial infrastructure that will ensure a critical shift in women’s political leadership in Nigeria by 2023. Donate to help HER win in 2023!

Agender35 Citizens Fund

Agender35 Citizens Fund is a non-partisan public crowdfund under ElectHER’s Agender35 Campaign, contributing to the larger $10,000,000 fundraising goal aimed at sponsoring a select number of competent female aspirants/candidates in the Nigeria 2023 general elections.

With your donation, we aim to contribute towards:
The purchase of expression of Interests form, Nomination form and other statutory expenses
Strategy and consultation
Wider resource mobilization
Logistics and transportation
Branding, communications and visibility
Campaign team structure
Critical Stakeholder engagement
Domestic & other need-based support
Donate to help women win in the 2023 general elections.

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Agender35 Updates


3-Point Agenda

Resource Mobilization

Mobilize critical resources including a $10 million fund to sponsor up to 35 competent female candidates running for political office, and support wider Agender35 programming activities.

Policy Advocacy

Provide high level support and lobbying towards the legislation of affirmative laws targeting women political representation ahead of the 2023 elections.

Citizen Engagement

Active citizen engagement on voter rights and women political representation ahead of the 2023 elections.

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“We simply cannot afford to wait for the world to be equal to start feeling seen, heard and respected.”

Ibijoke Faborode


Our Advisory Council

A group of exceptional nation builders with the responsibility to shape, guide and aid the execution of ElectHER's Agender35 campaign

Adaora Onyechere
Head Women Affairs and Gender Cluster Committee, African Union Ecosocc
Adetola Onayemi
CEO Norebase
Adewunmi Emoruwa
Partner Election Network, Lead Strategist Gatefield
Aisha Augie Kuta
Special Adviser to The Honorable Minister of Finance, Budget & National Planning
Azeezat Yishaw
Founder Ethics & Political Leadership Foundation, Co Founder Constitution Lab
Bizzle Osikoya
Founder & Prinicpal Consultant, The Plug
Dolapo Popoola
Managing Director Kaduna Power Supply Company
Blessing Adesiyan
Founder & CEO Mother Honestly
Fade Ogunro
Founder & CEO Bookings Africa , Chair Cherie Blair Foundation
Idagu David
Founder & Head of Strategy Disrupt Communications Lab
Ife Durosinmi Etti
Founder, Herconomy
JJ Omojuwa
Founder & Chief Strategist, Alpha Reach
Opeyemi Oriniowo
Development Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Agender35 Campaign favour a particular political party?

NO, Agender35 Campaign is not affiliated to nor supports any one political party. The campaign is an initiative of ElectHER, a non-profit organization driving women political inclusion. We support all women regardless of their parties, religion and tribe.

Will the total $10million be used to fund candidates?

NO, Agender35 Campaign is a $10 million initiative with three core agendas-

  • First comprised of resource mobilization (including funding) to support up to 35 female candidates;
  • Secondly, to advocate for affirmative laws on women political inclusion’
  • Thirdly, to actively engage citizens on voter rights and women representation ahead of the 2023 general elections

The $10 million fund will cater to both the campaign financing and programming aspect of the campaign, ensuring an end-to-end approach.

Fund towards programming is mobilized through grants and partnerships while funds towards camapign financing are mobilized through crowdfunding from the general public, corporate partners, and HNIs.

I don’t have money but would like to support a candidate, how can I help?

YES, we love to use the word ‘resources’ this can be in form of in-kind gifts as well as volunteering. To volunteer, please register following the information on Agender35 website homepage.

Is the Citizen Campaign Fund for Aspirants pre-primaries or Candidates post-primaries?

The Citizen Campaign Fund is for both Aspirants and Candidates. Based on funds raised, our goal is to provide entry level support to aspirants, to ensure that we can contribute to the initial roadblock that could frustrate their chances of building a solid candidacy and getting to primaries. For female candidates, our goal is to offer a deeper level of support and engagement who win their party tickets, because at this stage, they will be facing a wider variants of external challenges.

What type of support will Agender35 Citizens Campaign Fund cover?

Funds are need-based and peculiar to each candidate. However, based on the availability of funds, some common expenses will include contributions to the purchase of forms and other statutory expenses; strategy & consultation; wider resource mobilization; logistics & transportations; branding, communications & visibility; campaign team structure; critical stakeholder engagement; domestic & other need-based support.

Is there a qualifying process to become an Agender35 candidate?

While the process of candidate selection has been an ongoing process through various pre-engagements such as our ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme, recommendations..etc a detailed response to this question will be updated the week of April 4, 2022 following the inauguration of the Advisory Council.

One thing to clearly state is that we are committed to hand picking a select number competent women with solid track record in their given fields and a clear articulation of their mandate.

As an organization, our goal is not just to support women because they are women, we are constantly on the look for women with competence, composure and character to perform and be held accountable when elected.

How much will each candidate receive?

Based on funds raised, together with the Advisory Council an allocation and deployment process will be put in place. This information will be made publicly available, for accountability and transparency. 

Can more than 35 women be supported by the fund?

Our goal is to support up to 35 women if funds permit, given the exorbitant cost of elections in Nigeria. Where enabled and if we exceed fundraising goals, we will support as many qualified women as possible.

What Political offices qualify for the funding?

At the moment, our goal is to support legislative seats- House of Assemblies, House of Representatives, Senate, and strategic support to female Gubernatorial candidates.

Does the fund guarantee the sponsored candidates winning their elections?

NO, the fund is a catalyst to unlock major barriers associated with women running for office, however, there are a number of factors that influence the end result which are not within the control of anyone.

How do I track donations and spending?

Every Naira made will be accounted for, through real time daily update on the website home page, a monthly report will also be published on the website to account for money raised and spent each month. While a detailed and audited report will be presented no later than three months post 2023 general elections. 

What support can be provided aside from financial support?

Besides financial support we have an extensive branding and visibility plan for our candidates. Each woman will have an identify beyond her campaign, our goal is to leverage our platform and networks to amplify HER voice as best as we can. Whatever the outcome will be for each woman in 2023, they would have built a brand that will outlive their campaigns. 

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